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1-STRIFE : Noun:  disputes, disagreements, or hostility, and can result in tension or even physical confrontations.

: contention, rivalry

 Harmony, peace

Sentence: The strife between the two political parties had reached a point where compromise seemed impossible.
2-THAWING : Noun: the process of a substance changing from a frozen
or solid state to a softer or liquid state due to an increase in temperature.
Synonyms: Melting, liquefaction, defrosting
Antonyms: Freezing, solidification, congealing
Sentence: After a long winter, the thawing of the lake allowed people to go ice skating.
3-SWATTED: Verb: to strike or hit something with a quick, sharp, or sudden motion, often using one’s hand or a tool.
Synonyms: Hit, strike, smack
Antonyms: Miss, avoid, spare
Sentence: The online streamer was swatted by a malicious prank caller, leading to a dangerous situation when police arrived at his house.
4-BICKERING: : Noun:  the act of engaging in petty or trivial arguments or disputes
Synonyms: Quarreling, arguing
Antonyms: Agreeing, compromising
Sentence: The constant bickering between the siblings over who got to use the television remote became a source of annoyance for their parents.
5-BONHOMIE: Noun: a sense of warmth, geniality, and goodwill in social interactions.
Synonyms: Friendliness, warmth, affability
Antonyms: Hostility, animosity, aloofness
Sentence: Despite their initial differences, a sense of bonhomie developed among
the neighbours, and they began helping each other out.
6-IMPROMPTU: Adverb, Adjective.: It refers to actions, performances or events that occur on the spur of the moment.
Synonyms: extemporaneous, unprepared
Antonyms:  A Planned, rehearsed
Sentence : She delivered an impromptu speech that captivated the audience despite not having prepared in advance.
7-STATUS QUO  :Noun: the way things are at a particular point in time, often with the implication that this state is being maintained or preserved.
Synonyms: Current state, existing state
Antonyms: Change, innovation
Sentence: The company decided to maintain the status quo and not make any significant changes to its operations.
8-RIPPLE: Noun & Verb: to form or cause a series of small, wave-like motions on the surface of a liquid, typically due to some external force or disturbance.
Synonyms: undulation, wave, swell
Antonyms: Calm, stillness, stagnation
Sentence: The pebble created a beautiful ripple on the calm surface of the pond.
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