King Tutankhamun

     King Tutankhamun

About 500 km away from the city of Cairo in Egypt are large limestone hills. These hills are also called ‘Valley of The Kings’. The amazing fact is that many secrets are hidden in these mountains. For nearly 200 years, Khudae has been working in the Kings Valley to unravel this mystery.

About 4500 years ago when the kings of Egypt died they were mummified and buried inside the pyramids. Many secret chambers were built inside the pyramids and in them were kept the kings as well as their treasures. Ancient Egyptians believed that all the wealth of a dead person would be used in the next life of that person. But it took a lot of time to build this big pyramid and there was a lot of work. According to archaeologists, this rule of making pyramids also stopped with time. And now these great hills of limestone were chosen to bury the kings.

This is why this Jana is called ‘Valley of The Kings’ today.

  is called It is believed that the kings of ancient Egypt built their own chambers, gold masks and their own tombs before their deaths. Because after his death they were buried and their chambers closed immediately. Over the next 200 years, 65 graves were discovered from the site, but most of them were empty inside. Archaeologists thought that these chambers, built thousands of years ago, would have been looted by thieves over time, as everyone knew that the King’s Sand hid riches. Many chambers contained nothing but mummies. One day, a mystery came out from Kings Valley that left all the archeologists of the world surprised. In 1922, British archaeologist ‘Howard Carter’ was working on his territory when he noticed a step like a ladder. Surprisingly, the steps of the stairs went into the mountain and Howard Cotter saw it and started digging there. As excavation continued today, stair after stair was discovered, and it was understood that these stairs would lead to a secret chamber just below. Then after several feet of digging the sight that came into view was truly unbelievable. Another grave was found in the middle of Kings Valley. This was the tomb whose mouth was closed 3000 thousand years ago. That meant Howard Cotter was going to see a sight that no one had seen for 3000 years.

  After removing the stones from the face of the chamber, when Howard Cotter entered the chamber, he found the entire chamber filled with a thousand types of treasures. This is a time like no one has seen before today. Many objects in this chamber were made of gold, including jewellery, statues and cloth made of gold. There was another chamber inside the tomb which housed a mummy in a gold entomb, which was very well decorated.

  Leaving the other treasures only the wax coffin cover

90 kg was made of pure gold. Along with that, the colors of the pictures that were painted on the walls of this chamber were now very bright. Howard Cotter’s

  This discovery surprised the whole world. Because, this is one of the first graves found in Kings Valley which was completely protected from thieves. The grave was found in its original state but it brought new questions to the scientists. Scientists do not understand which king the mummy inside the tomb is, the paintings inside the chamber indicate that other tombs in the Valley of the Kings were stolen but how this tomb survived the thieves. These questions were very important for scientists to know. When the mummified in the grave was DNA tested and what was revealed surprised everyone. Mummy DNA tests revealed that the body belonged to an 18-year-old king. When this mummy’s DNA was matched with the DNA of other mummies found in Kings Valley, it was found that its father was in burial chamber number 55 and its mother’s mummy was in chamber number 35. This king’s name was ‘Tutankhamun’ and he was only 8 years old when he became king after the death of his father, that means he died 10 years after he became king. Now it is known who this mummy belonged to but the technology was not so good at that time to know the answer to other questions related to this discovery. Finally in 1939 King Tutan Khamun of the 18th Dynasty

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