How to Apply CSP on 2023 ?

 How to Apply CSP on 2023

Hello friends today we will tell you how you can take C.S.P So friends, the word CSP means Customer Service Point, which in Bengali means Customer Service Center. Look, friends, it is difficult to provide banking services, so CSP was launched. Additional bills of banks are started to be delivered to different areas of cities and villages as a result of CSP you can easily apply for CSP in 2023 so in today’s article I will tell you how you can apply for CSP what are the conditions to apply | So try to read the entire article without skipping

How to apply for CST?

As per 2023 rules if you want to apply for CST then you have to follow several steps CST is an important social service work and through this you can easily earn money from home by providing proper service to customers. You don’t need to pay any money to anyone to apply for PSP you need to have your own shop and working tools and if you don’t have any corruption charges in your name you can easily work with this CSP. Currently several backs are providing their own CSPs as follows-

  1. SBI

  2. BOI Bank of Baroda 

  3. Panjub National Bank

  4. Allahabad Bank

  5. Paytm Payment Bank

  6. Airtel Payment Bank

In all these banks you can easily apply for CSP but you have to be careful that you can provide the right service properly but you can apply for this CSP in village or town easily you can open a business like CSP and earn money from it. Today I mentioned to you one such business which is most in demand and people from all walks of life need this service.

All the documents you need to get CSP?

First of all we have mentioned below the list of all the documents that you need to collect for getting CSP
  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN card
  • Voter card
  • Shop bill or rent slip
  • Police Clearance Certificate
If you can collect all these documents then all the agency providers that the bank has will visit your store and give permission to do CSP in your store.

What can you do with CSP?
See friends if you want to work with CSP then all the tasks you will be given permission to do are mentioned below –
Mony Withrowl
Mobile Recharge
Electric Bill

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